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You heard it right. Yap, I am talking about Windows god mode. It’s one of the power tools for the power users to harness the hidden strength of a Windows OS. Ok, let’s admit that Windows OS is keen of catching glitches in respect of Mac and Linux.

So, we often need to fix it by changing some Windows settings but, settings are rearranged on various Windows versions and we often stumble upon finding our desired settings option.

For example, Windows 8 doesn’t contain the start menu options like its ancestors, so, if we want to defrag a drive, we wouldn’t get it from ‘Start->All Programs->Accessories->system tools’. Thus it becomes as painful as finding a needle in a haystack. What would happen if we could change any windows settings painlessly from one place?

Windows is best known for its hidden features. Windows provide many features but restricted them for its power users. We can do many things by applying some tricks which are beyond imagination for a normal user, like Windows Registry Editing Tweaks.

This trick which I am about to share with you will change your whole experience of fixing Windows Operating System. You can change any settings of your Windows PC painlessly from one place using Windows GodMode.
However, Windows never disclosed a single word on this feature. A group discovered this feature in 2007 on Windows Vista and named it GodMode. This is a normal directory with a specific CLSID. The nomenclature of this folder consists of two parts separated by a dot(.).

The left part of the dot(.) is changeable, you can use any name instead of GodMode but, the right part which contains the CLSID is not changeable under any circumstances. The name “GodMode” was given by its inventors, so we know it with this name.

How to create the GodMode folder

The process of creating GodMode folder is very easy. It is a normal folder followed by a definite CLSID. If you want to create it on the desktop, right click on the desktop and click on ‘New’ then, ‘Folder’. Now, give the name “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}” and then, hit the enter key. Your GodMode folder has created. Now, open the folder and you will get your PC’s entire settings with a categorized format.


The advantage of using GodMode folder

Using GodMode feature saves our precious time and hassles for changing any settings in Windows. We can conduct a search with the settings name within the GodMode folder and it will display the results which contain the search term. You can change your desired settings by making a click on that result, directly.

Consider this example, suppose you desired to adjust the screen brightness of your Windows 8.1 PC. To do so, you have to open the ‘Start Menu’ then ‘Apps’ and then ‘Control Panel’. In ‘Control Panel’ you have to open ‘Hardware and Sound’ and then ‘Power Option’, adjust your Screen brightness properties and save the changes.

Now see, how GodMode saves your time and efforts for this same operation. Open the GodMode folder and in the search box, at the top right corner of the window, type “Screen Brightness” and it will display the exact link of the screen brightness properties (“adjust screen brightness properties”) under “Power Option” and other places where it finds similar options. Just open the link under “Power Option”, adjust the brightness properties and save the changes. Thus it saves a lot of time and effort and removes all complications regarding modifying Windows Settings.


Disadvantages of GodMode feature

There are no disadvantages of GodMode as per my concern. It has been seen on various 64 bit Vista Operating System that GodMode creates a lot of trouble and sometimes it has even crashed the operating system. But it runs fine on Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit) and Windows 8 (both 32 and 64 bit) even on Windows Vista 32 bit operating systems. This feature is available from Windows Vista and carries forwarded to its later versions. However, the earlier version of Windows like Windows XP or Windows ’98 doesn’t support this feature anymore.

Although this feature is a very useful one, in my opinion, you should take a backup of all your data before implementing Windows GodMode. If something unexpected happens, you will lose nothing. I have tried to explain this feature to the best of my knowledge. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this, feel free to write to us.

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