Custom Route in Google Maps : Learn How to Create it

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We don’t fear today to explore new places as we know that Google Map is there for our guidance to our way back. When we invoke the routing feature of Google Map, it efficiently displays some routes that it finds convenient between those places with various traveling options like, by car, by local transport or by walking. We also use this tool to find various possible routes between two places. However, this may not seem convenient to us all the time, sometimes we need some customization. Yes, I am talking about creating the custom route in Google maps.

Consider this analogy, suppose we planned a trip from “A” to “B” in the morning and take a lunch break at “C”. But, the routes given by Google Map do not cover the place “C” in any of its routes. Therefore, we need some customization in our plan, either we have to change the lunch place or choose a convenient route which includes the required place. If we consider the latter option, we need to customize the routes of our choice. But, can Google Map be used for creating custom routes? Yes. Stay with me, I will walk you through.

Open the Google Map on your desktop and open the routing option and give the required data in the source and destination fields respectively, in our analogy, A and B respectively. Now, click the routing button. Google Map will deliver a number of convenient routes. If you see that in those routes your required place is missing,(in our analogy C) then locate the place (here C) in the Map and see which route passes through closer to that place.

Now, see which road connects your Google Maps routes with C. Make sure you choose the shortest route because this time you are going to organize your own route and Google Map will not help you for choosing the best routes in this case.

When everything seems okay, hover your mouse pointer over the area from where you want to branch your route (it must be a road crossing). At the time when you hover the mouse pointer, the mouse pointer will change to a big dot. Just drag the route direction created by Google Map to your required road. In this manner, you can create a custom route in Google Map. Google Map will recalculate the distance and gives you the appropriate distance, approx travel time etc on the newly formed route map.


It was just a tweak which enables you to customize your journey you planned with Google Map. You can apply it when Google Map’s routing mismatches with your plan. However, this trick can only be applied to its web version, Android and iOS apps do not support this feature yet.

Navigation system plays a great role in our day to day life, and in this niche, the first name strike in our mind is Google Map. It is helping it’s millions user every day in a continuous measure. If it was not there many of us would have lost. This powerful tool is capable of helping us by providing a stupendous user-friendly interface to explore new places and its surroundings. If you find this article helpful then share it with your friends and if you find any difficulties regarding this, feel free to write to us.

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