How to Connect Android Phone to Mac

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Android is the next big operating system, that is used by a maximum number of people in the world after ios. So, it is also utmost necessary to make these two obverse operating system work together. Though it was quite an obvious thing that, Android and Mac cannot co-exist harmoniously. After spending a long time, finally developers came up with a solution, that can work them on the same platform. I am not denying that, there are tons of third-party software out there that, make that impossible in your grasp. But, those are not so reliable sources. In this article, I will tell you how to connect Android phone to Mac without any help of third-party software.

So, let’s start. Whenever you are configuring your new Android phone which, is require your email id and password, is much in an underdone form. Once your Google account is registered with the phone, you can enter the “Play Store” and download any application. So it looks like the option is left there to customize your Android device.

One can download any application, game etc. from the “Play Store”. Even, if you are an avid reader, there are lots of books also present in the Android market to amuse you. In the “Play Store” you can see, a pool of application, games, and books. There are also two columns present. Paid column and free column. Lots of free application, games, books are also there. So, you don’t have to carry a hefty purse all the time, whenever you are roaming in the Android market.


It is the previous lookout to search for an application which, is going to bridge the gap between your Android phone and Mac. “AirDroid” is that tool, which is going to make it happen. So, after the whole configuration process is done, go to “Play Store”. From their type “AirDroid” in the search box. I guess in the Android market, the installation of any application or games is the easiest task. Now, go for the entire installation process. In your Android smartphone, sign in with your Google account in “AirDroid”.

In your laptop go to “AirDroid” website. and register yourself. You can also sign in through Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. After this whole workaround, a box will pop up, request you to add a device. You can attach more than one device to your Mac. That will ensure that you are quite able to transfer files, folders, picture even videos from your Mac.

Now, another procedure to share file between your Mac and Android smartphone is “Android File Transfer“. From there you can download the application. You don’t have to go any further link. Now, look for the androidfiletransfer.dmg file. Your next move is to install the app on your laptop.

Now, connect the Android device with your Mac by data cable. Your Android device and Mac is connected. You can find the device in your sidebar. you can include or exclude file by a simple drag.

So, these are quite a simple workaround which can help you to achieve your goal. If you are facing any obstacle in this entire process, I am always available to share your difficulties and problems. Feel free to comment and share your stories with us.

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