How to Control and Limit Open Tabs in Firefox

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When we search for a piece of information on the web, we usually forget to remember how many tabs we have opened. If you use so many of them at a time you will see, that at one point, it will drastically affect the stability of your computer as every tab consumes memory. You will see that your computer will perform other tasks much slower, even Firefox may stop responding. It will be a good practice if you can limit open tabs to a reasonable number in Firefox and reach beyond that limit, you will be automatically restricted to open another tab.

You can meet this by using a tiny Firefox extension Max Tabs. It allows you to set the limit of a maximum number of the open tab in a Firefox window. After crossing the limit if you try to open a tab, Max tab will show you a warning message and close the newly opened tab. Download Max Tab Add-on from Mozilla Add-ons. The main advantage of using Max Tab is after installing, restarting of Firefox is not necessary. The Add-on starts to work as soon as it finishes installation procedures. The default number of the maximum tab opening is set to 10, but the number is changeable to any value.

To change the firefox settings we use “about:config” command but to change the settings of Max Tab, either you can type “about:addons” in the URL bar and press theĀ enter key or click on “Add-ons” menu under the tools menu. You can also use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+A”. Now, your installed Add-ons will be shown. Locate Max Tab there and click on “option” button and the settings page of Max Tab will appear.

There is nothing special to say about the settings. You can change the number of the maximum tabs, that you want to open while you are browsing. Additionally, there is also an option available about whether you want ‘Max Tab’ to be activated during your private browsing sessions or not. If you want it to be active in private browsing, click on the checkbox after “Works for Private Browsing” and it will be active during your private browsing sessions.

Set it to 9. Why?

The User Interface of Max Tab is quite simple. It displays the maximum opened tab number on the toolbar by which you can pay attention to the limit you have set. But, I will suggest you set the maximum limit of open tabs to nine.

Like every other modern web browsers, Firefox supports keyboard shortcut like “Ctrl+1” for the first tab, “Ctrl+2” for the second tab and so on up to 9. So if you set the maximum tab limit to nine, you can easily toggle them using the keyboard shortcut. On reaching the maximum limit, it prevents you to open a new tab even you click the new tab button.

If you want to open a new tab after reaching the maximum limit you set, Max tab will display you a bubble massage near system tray prompting you that no more tabs can be opened. Certainly, this Add-on works on the single window only, that means if you want to open more tabs, you can do that by opening more windows.

Now, every time you forget to remember the number of open tabs, Max Tab will remind you. Hence, you experience uninterrupted browsing.

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