How to Delete Pages from PDF Files Without Adobe Acrobat

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No matter what, we always intend to put .pdf extension and Adobe Acrobat in same sentence. So have you ever thought about executing any editing operation on any PDF files without Adobe Acrobat? Especially, about how to delete pages from PDF files? Deleting pages or splitting a PDF file is never been an easy job, particularly when there is no Adobe Acrobat in the equation. But if there is some problem, there will always be one or more solution waiting to find out. And I am here to disclose you some online or offline services which can be your answer.

There are tons of services available throughout the internet offering different types of operations like merging one or more PDF files, convert to or from a PDF file to different file types, compress a PDF file or updating content of a PDF file. But it’s hard to find out the particular one related to our task.

PDF Splitter

PDF Splitter is small but efficient desktop service. There is nothing complicated in understanding how it works. It is easy to download as well as install. PDF Splitter is compatible for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Vista. Its sole and the ultimate goal is to split a PDF file of large size to different PDF files based on given page range. PDF Splitter has most straightforward and simple interface.


There are just three steps to get your work done. First and foremost, obviously choose the source file you wish to split into. Next give the page range needed to be removed or deleted or separated to another file from the source file. Lastly, just select your output directory and hit the split button. That’s it. PDF Splitter is totally free software. So give it a try as there are no boundaries of trial period or price tag attached to it.


Though the main purpose of our article is how to delete pages from PDF without adobe acrobat, but if one can get more than that then why not. If you agree with me then PDFtk can show you some more tricks on a PDF file. PDFtk is another desktop utility program. It’s mainly a merging and splitting software. The process is pretty much same as the previous one. But still if you are confused, then the software interface has clearly stated its use.


To delete pages from PDF, after adding the PDF file you need to specify the page range before clicking the create PDF button to create a new one. As it cannot remove the specified pages from the source file, but simply create a new PDF file with the given page range, you must input the pages you don’t want to remove from your file. Suppose your source PDF file has 46 pages. And you want to remove page 2-4, then you must set the page range as 1, 5-46 to create a new PDF file. It is also applicable for the PDF Splitter too.

Apart from this you can create a new PDF file merging different pages from more than one PDF file or a same file. PDFtk Free is free to use as long as you want, but if you are really interested in rotating, watermarking or securing your own file, then you should try PDFtk Pro which only cost you $3.99.

Online services always have some advantage over offline. If you have short time need of some facilities then why bother to go through all the process from downloading to installation. And there is one more hurdle of compatibility problem to cross. is just the website to help you with delete pages from PDF files.


The interface is clean and user-friendly. There is no need of registration or monthly payment system to use the service. After the process completed, you will be able to download your new PDF file immediately without the pages you have mentioned to be removed. It’s really a simple process for a complicated task to do if you ask me.

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