How to disable Facebook Autoplay Video

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Finally, we got our unspoken wish fulfilled. Yes, we have piles of our wishes and yet we don’t have an organised list, but before you wonder which one of them reach the conclusion I should have you know that it’s the Facebook one. If your thinking path is same as mine, then you have already known that I am speaking about the topic – disable Facebook autoplay video. And I am going to show you how you will disable that. I mean totally OFF. Not the already known options where you could prevent the auto-playing of the video until your device detects a WIFI.

I must say it is really annoying when we scroll through our News Feed and unexpectedly got a video playing when we don’t even want to see it. Some of us being a little forward and made a move to take a query on Facebook help community page or other places regarding this topic. Today I am glad to inform you that you may cease your search here because I am going to show, how you can put an end to all this fuss.

For iPhones

If you are using the iPhone for a while, then you pretty much know where to find the Facebook settings option. But, who are new on this ride for those, please shuffle through your app icon until you find the Settings. Hit it. Scroll down and click on Facebook. Next, tap the Settings underneath it. In the VIDEO section you will get Auto-play options – On, Wi-fi only, and Off. Select Off and you are done. You can also choose the Wi-fi only option. In that case, the videos will no longer be able to eat through your monthly cellular data pack.


For Android

I have an Android tablet and I have already done with the settings for disabling Facebook autoplay video. And it’s your time to do the same. Go to your official Facebook app first. Find the hamburger button on the top right-hand side of the screen. Mixed up? It’s the button with three horizontal lines. Below the Help & Settings section, click on the App Settings option. After coming onto the following page you will easily notice the ‘Video Auto-play’, beneath the first segment which is General Settings. So, tap it and a pop up will arrive with the same three choices as noted before in the former paragraph. Choose as you wish and that’s it. No more bothering with the videos.


For PC

Okay, we have discussed the Facebook official apps which we access through our different Handhelds, say for tablets or phones, on the go. There is one place left where we still access our Facebook account which is on the web. So, what’s the delay, quickly go to your Facebook website and log into your account. Find the drop-down menu on the most top right corner of the page and reach to the Settings. Now go down below through the different choices at the left-hand panel of the page and locate the Video link. Just click on it. Along the right-hand side of the page find the drop-down menu for Auto-Play Videos and make it off.


By default, the autoplay video option is set to on whether you are using an official Facebook app or access your account through the Facebook website. Thus, make sure you have changed or disabled Facebook autoplay video with your suitable choice. It’s really not a difficult job to do. You just need to do a bit of tweaking through the settings. Hope this article helps you in your seek. Let us know your comment.

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