How to find the sender of an email

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To find the sender of every email, those I receive every day has always been the most important part to me for further relation building. We usually receive tons of emails from unknown senders who want to approach us for a thousand reasons. In this digital arena, security matters and security breaches are too common today. The margin for errors is too minimum.

That’s why, trust building is the rock bottom platform from where we can go further with a person, who is only known to us digitally. So, every single time, to find the sender of an email is a necessity. Now, the important question is ‘how to’. Yes, there is a way for you to do this by some Internet Reverse email Searches.

The simple and the easiest way is to search the email address in the Google Search Engine. What if, that email address is not associated with any websites or not in use in any public forum? Google will help a little then. Don’t worry, there are other ways too.

The ways of the reverse email search

1. How to find the sender’s location

Open your email Header(to know about more click here) and locate the line that says ‘RECEIVED: FROM’ which followed by an IP address within the adjacent square brackets. There, if you see multiple ‘RECEIVED: FROM’, use the last one’s IP address. Now paste the IP address to this Visual Trace Route tool and you will get an idea of sender’s rough location.


2.Email search on Facebook

Facebook is a well-known social networking site having a user base in the billions. There also remains a possibility that the sender may have a profile on Facebook. Unlike LinkedIn and other popular social networking sites, Facebook allows email searching. To search any email address within Facebook, just type in the address in the search bar and Facebook will instantly display the name of the person if that email is associated with any profile on Facebook.


If you find any profile, download the profile picture and search it with Google image search, which acts like a Reverse Image Search Engine. Click on the camera icon and upload the picture and Google will search and list all the social and business accounts associated with that picture identity.

3. Reverse email search with other social networking sites

To search all other social networking sites you can use services like KnowEm. It’s quite possible that a user may use the same username to different websites, i.e if a person creates an account in Facebook with the username “love_bird”, he may have also opened an account in twitter with the username “love_bird” too.


Just put that email address to and search. KnowEm will confirm that either it is associated with any social Networking websites or not. Gmail users can use the Rapportive add-on to find if any LinkedIn and Twitter profiles are linked with that email address.

4.People Search

If all the above tricks do not work, you can try a lot of direct people search services like Pipl and Spokeo. Both services allow you to do a reverse email search.

Spokeo has a better database than Pipl and it also makes a stronger comprehensive search. Spokeo also searches social networks, even ‘Whois’ data of domain names to find the last bit of information about the email address. The only drawback is some of the results produced by Spokeo are available for subscribers only.

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