How to Share Files Between Macs Using AirDrop

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File sharing has been one of the most primitive wants since we started using computers. Very often, we share files for various requirements. Being a Mac owner, I always keep looking for a better way to share files between Macs. There are many ways to share files. Such as, you may burn a disk or send files to removable disks. Later, use those devices on another computer. But, frankly speaking, these practices are outdated as our lives are getting faster.

AirDrop in Mac is a handy tool that can share files between Macs without any hassle. The AirDrop was first introduced in OS X 10.7 and got continued on all later versions since then. You can share a file of any size through AirDrop. Though it is reported by some users that, they had successfully shared files up to the size of 10 GB through AirDrop.

Transfer files between Mac and iOS

One can share their files through “AirDrop” between two computers supporting Mac. This facility is also available in ios also. This transfer is accomplished without any mass storage device. The only drawback is that a WiFi network is required if you are using Mac. The devices, between which your file transfer is concerned, must be placed within a radius of 8 to 10m from each other. But in ios, you can use “AirDrop” with the help of both WiFi and Bluetooth. You cannot use “AirDrop” as your transferring medium between ios and Mac. But, it is said that, the new updated version os x 10.10 and ios 8 you can use “AirDrop” to transfer between them as well.

Transfer files between two Macs

In this article, I will discuss how to share a file between two Macs. Now, follow a few simple steps to operate AirDrop. You can find “AirDrop” in the sidebar of the Finder. You can use the shortcut key ‘shift+command+R’ also to launch the same. For sharing purpose, you will have to make sure that, on both computers, AirDrop is launched. Added to this, you will have to look after that, both the computer’s WiFi is on.

Once the above-quoted workaround is done, you can find the target computer name appearing in the source computer’s AirDrop window. Clearly, it is visible that, each computer’s username is appearing in the other’s AirDrop window. You can change or see the username of your computer from “System Preference”>”Sharing”. Now, simply locate the file and drag it to the target computer shown in the “AirDrop” window. Hit the “Send” option.


Now, on the target computer, a dialogue box will appear and a single click to the “Save” button and the file will be downloaded in your target computer. You can watch the download progress report on the source computer, as it will appear around the target computer, in the “AirDrop” window. After the download is finished, you can able to find it in the download folder on your target computer.

You can use “AirDrop” as your transferring medium between several computers. But, to meet this, you will have to turn on the WiFi network of all the computers and make sure that, the “AirDrop” window is open on all the computers.

“AirDrop” is a very handy tool and gives you the opportunity to share a file with multiple users. You can use it as a file transfer application without any configuration. If you face any problem with AirDrop, go through this article and, try the same on your own.

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