How to stop autoplay videos on any browser

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Are you fed up with videos and multimedia ads that start playing automatically when you open a webpage? Here I show you how you can stop autoplay videos, Ads and other unnecessary media on Chrome FirefoxInternet ExplorerSafari and Opera.

Recently, there has been a big increase in this type of advertisement as this is a good source of income for websites but for users, these are pretty annoying. The most annoying thing is when you are hearing any music on the computer and surfing the internet and suddenly a piece of unwanted music starts to play. Sometimes to avoid annoyance, we even block images from search results. Here, I show you how you can prevent those multimedia advertisements and videos from automatically playing in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.

Before starting, I need to say that before disabling those autoplay videos and media adverts, you should consider your action for the websites you regularly visit as this is a good source of income that funds the content of the website and that you wants to read.

How to stop autoplay videos on Chrome

Disabling Auto-play in Chrome is quite easy. All you have to do is to type “chrome://chrome/settings/content” in the address bar. Then scroll down the screen to the plug-in section and select the “click to play” option.


Now all the unwanted ads and videos will wait for your click to start playing. Simple. Right?

How to stop autoplay videos on  Firefox

Disabling Firefox to play auto-play videos and adds can be stopped. To do this you have to type “about:config” in the address bar and accept the warning. Then search for “plugins.click_to_play” then right-click on it and Toggle the value and enable it to stop auto-play. You can explore more firefox tweaks from here.


If that above suggestion does not work then you can download Flashblock, a tiny add-on for Firefox. After downloading it, install the same and enable the add-on. To complete the whole process, you must restart the Firefox. All the flash content will bear a ‘click to play’ status until you disable or remove this add-on.


How to stop autoplay videos on Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is better known for its user-friendly interface. The process is rather simpler than the other. Just go to ‘Settings Menu’ and select ‘Safety’, then click on ‘Active X Filtering’ for checking the option. This will make sure that the ‘Active X Filtering’ is active now and it will stop auto-playing videos and Ads on Internet Explorer.


If you are using Internet Explorer version 8 or below, then open the ‘Tools Menu’ and then click on ‘Manage Add-ons’. There you will find ‘Shock-wave  Flash Object’ which will by default be enabled. Just right-click on that and ‘Disable’ it. This will stop auto-playing of flash objects and wait for your click.

How to stop autoplay videos on Safari:

However, disabling autoplay on a website is not a big deal here. There are two ways to do this, one is settings change and the other is using plugins.

Stop autoplay in Safari by changing the settings:

To use this method you have to click on ‘safari’ and then ‘Preferences’ then ‘Security’ and then deselect ‘Allow all other plug-ins’. This will stop the flash contents.

Stop autoplay in Safari by using plugins:

You can use either ‘Click to Plugin‘ or ‘Click to Flash‘ plugins to perform this work. Either plugin works great.

How to stop autoplay videos on Opera:

To do the same thing in opera you have to type ‘about:config’ in the address bar like Firefox. Then you will see ‘Preference Editor’, then go to the multimedia and uncheck the box next to ‘Allow Auto-play’. Then click on the ‘save’ button to save your setting.


In most of the time,  auto-playing is a menace. It shatters the necessary focus that we invest in our web browsing. Killing it at the nipped in the bud.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading this article and if it is truly helpful to you, then please share it to let others get helped. If you have any query regarding this you may drop your question in our comment section. To use unlimited WiFi hotspot, you can use foxfi key apk.

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