How to Watch 3D Movies on PC, Laptop

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If you are a movie maniac then nothing is better than watching your favourite movie in 3D and if it is on your home PC, then the joy is immeasurable. The good news is that you can now watch 3D movies on Pc, Laptops and more precisely, on any 2D display unit connected with them. However, you need to be cautious and fulfil the requirements to watch 3D movies on PC or Laptops, powered by Windows.

Hardware and Software Requirement to watch 3d movies on Pc

There are various Hardware and Software Requirements for playing 3D movies on 2D screens are.

  1. Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2 or Higher
  2. OS: Microsoft Windows Vista 32/64 bit or higher
  3. RAM: Minimum 1 GB but 2 GB is Recommended
  4. Free Disk Space: Minimum100 MB ( any 3D movie will gobble up much more than it)
  5. Graphics Card: Compatible with your device
  6. Display Unit: 120 Hz frequency compatible
  7. 3D vision kit

If your computer meets these above standards, then you don’t have to worry, otherwise, you will need to assemble a new one. A new computer with the above configuration barely cost you $1000 which is far cheaper than a 3D television. If you are exceptionally budget conscious, then you can save a little more by building your own 3D glasses. Let’s start.

How to make your own 3D glasses for Pc

Method 1

You can easily build your own 3D glass using some spare CD jewel case and permanent marker. Just paint the transparent side of the jewel case with the red and blue( cyan) markers, large enough to cover the width of your eyes. Just make sure that the red colour covers the left eye and the blue colour covers the right eye and your 3D glass is ready.

Method 2

You can also use transparent sheets for the same purpose. Take old sunglasses and remove its glasses. Place the glasses on the transparent sheet and draw a boundary line of each glasses. Now take a scissor and cut those glass shaped transparent sheet. Take the red marker and scribble the left eye-glass and then take the blue marker and scribble on the right eye-glass. Now attach those glasses with the frame and your 3D glass is ready for use.

Playing a 3D movie

To run a 3D movie on my PC beside other options I always prefer to use KM Player 3.9 or above. You may also use this as it is extremely user-friendly. Download and install it on your Desktop or Laptop. Now, you need a 3D clip for testing. However, you may download it from any torrent site where it is highly available. Now your stage is ready for play.
Open the 3D clip with KM Player. You will notice the video is running on a split screen. Just like the image below. It is in a 2D format.


To convert it in 3D mode, you need to find the 3D button just below the screen, now, click once on the 3D button. A message will be displayed and evaporate instantly on the upper left side of the screen saying “Original image is Side by Side”. Just put on the 3D glasses and look at the screen. Voila! Your 3D theatre is in front of you.


From now on, don’t get disappointed when you missed your favourite 3D movie in a theatre. You can buy a copy of the movie or download it from any websites and enjoy it in your home. This trick is helpful for both aspect, first of all, you never be afraid of missing a movie as well as it will also save your money. If you are a truely movie lover, 1movies tv is unbeatable. You can also check our tweak section for more stuff like this. If you are truly an Android lover like me then definitely use this amazing utility android fastboot reset tool v1.2

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