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About the artist: AmitBhar

Very few Indian artists have the perfect blend of light and shadows, the illusory effect of realism as well as the tranquillity in their artistry like  AmitBhar.

Born in Chinsurah in 1973, West Bengal AmitBhar studied at the Calcutta Government Art College at the age of 16. It was here where he came in contact and learned from some of the greatest artistic minds that would shape his work forever. From the guidance of ShriParesh Das, a noted artist and gold medalist to renowned Subal Jana and NiloyGhosh, Bhar had one of the most influential group of mentors that elevated his artistry.

He also states names like Bikash Bhattacharya and Suhas Roy as his inspirations early in his career.

Growing up his notebooks at school were doubly filled with sketches and paintings of the rustic beauty of rural Bengal, and it inspired him to take to the brush at a very tender age.

AmitBhar Paintings: Signature Characteristics and people on canvas

  • AmitBhar’spaintings takes abundant inspiration from the landscape of Bengal, where he spent his childhood.
  • The serene rustic beauty of its countryside, the quintessential village sights and daily goings-on of villages and settlements along the Hooghly river and local trees, flowers and birds are intrinsic to his art.
  • The holy city of Benaras and its sacred Ghats is another aspect which takes space in his. The ancient mystical beauty of the Ganges and ever-presence of living breathing humans as they pay their respects to her is brought to life in his canvas.
  • The crowd of bathers, boatmen and devoted pilgrims the vibrant and colourful sadhus, children and the traditions, culture, rituals are given a new lease of life in his paintings. He creates a serene vibe that draws you into a state of introspection and contemplation. In his works, Benaras emerges like a beautiful mirage. His world on canvas is a play of mystical shadow and divine light shrouded by an ethereal glow,
  • His latest series on Buddha was inspired from the images of Ajanta paintings and Gandhara sculptures. He carefully blends the two forms of ancient Indian art and presents them as a mix of modernity and tradition.
  • The Rajasthan series can be seen as a montage of colourful Rajasthani folklore amidst the sandy desert background with the glimpses of the puppets and the musicians.
  • His sketches from Rabindranath Tagore to Soumitra Chatterjee and Mother Teresa are true to life.

Final Thoughts :

AmitBhar is one of the most respected self-taught artists India has ever seen. He has been a part of more than 117 group shows mainly Indian cities. Internationally he has held shows in locations like Singapore, London, Dubai. His works are a part of the public as well as many private collections. His paintings have found a home in International contemporary master volume 9 (2014), published by WORLDWIDE ART LOS ANGELES (USA). Do check out his semi-realistic art!


[credit: AmitBhar]

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