Some Services to Run Android Apps On PC

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Do you have any Android, powered handheld? If yes, then don’t tell me you have not tried at least once to run Android apps on PC. I guess it’s an attempt everybody likes to endure. Admittedly, There are a few services which can facilitate you to meet your wish. But each service has some loose ends as well as some sterling appeal. However, if you want the names of some acclaimed and vastly used software to draw your study done or if you own less than adequate time to decide which one would be more beneficial for you, then, I can present you a quick peek on some of those services to run Android apps on PC.


Whenever you Google about how to run Android apps on PC, you will definitely get BlueStacks as a search result within the first few links. It’s one of the most popular ones. Using it you can run your apps and favourite games on your PC in a separate window. But, it does not allow you to run Android OS on PC. BlueStacks offer you to install various apps easily from Google Play. BlueStacks app player is available for Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as Vista and even for Mac.


After the installation of the service, you will get some pre-loaded app. You need to click on any app icon to launch it in full-screen mode. You will have six buttons to navigate through the app at the bottom of the screen. It cannot be promised that all of your apps will perform on your PC same as your handheld, but some most popular ones will do. Apps like Temple Run, Angry Birds Space, WhatsApp, Evernote can easily be synced from your handheld using BlueStacks Cloud Connect Android app.
In my opinion, one can always choose this service as a first option. It’s simple, easy to run and user-friendly.


You can say that the YouWave is the most similar alternative to BlueStacks. YouWave is an Android emulator based on VirtualBox. Before installation YouWave some restriction need to be noted. If you have VirtualBox installed in your PC, then YouWave must be installed in a guest machine. But if you intend to install it on your host machine then make sure you have uninstalled your VirtualBox first.

YouWave is available for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Vista. It has also a rich interface to attract your attention. One can easily switch between portrait and landscape mode by its dynamic rotation to get an impression like Android Handhelds. It’s not a free app. But an interested user always downloads a free trial version for 10 days.


Unlike BlueStacks and YouWave, WindowsAndroid actually capable of running Android OS on PC. WindowsAndroid or in short Windroy programmed by Socket. It does not require any simulator like VirtualBox to run. WindowsAndroid runs inherently on your PC that’s why it’s fast. You can even run 3D games on your PC as well as all the apps running in your Android using this service. The latest version updated in Android 4.0.4.
One of the advantages is that you will not have to invest a dime in this application and it can be downloaded from various open source platforms.


While this application gives you the full-fledged experience to run Android apps on PC, it does not support sound. Another major issue is you need to install all the applications manually by locating the proper folder within your computer because this application doesn’t provide Google Play or the Google Store. If you are interested in software development or want to try your own app, then WindowsAndroid is what you need. But other than this one can always get to live the experience to run Android on PC.
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