‘What and why’ of Jailbreaking in Smartphone

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So many time, you may face hiccups to download an application. You may toil hard to download it, but last of all, success remain untouched. Things are very much irritating to a great extent. I firmly believe from the bottom of my heart that, “Jailbreaking” is the only escape route of this closed room. In an Android or ios device, you may do the same to break your limitation. So, let’s start with the ios device.

Firstly, we have to understand, what really jailbreaking is? It is completely different from unlocking. In a word, it is nothing but, to extend the privileges of existing ios device. This is only applicable for ios device. Jailbreaking enabled device is viable to download applications which, is not in the App store. By jailbreaking, one can access the root file system of ios.

Now, why so named. “Jailbreaking”. “Jail” is the technical term used in Unix based operating system. “Breaking” implies, breaking the device from its existing barrier. No need, to be so scared. A jailbreaked iPhone, iPad can enter the App store, iTunes and, also can do other jobs like a phone call, messaging etc.

Let’s more clearly gaze at the entire picture. “Jailbreak” simply enable you to break the set boundary of Apple. Now, the question is why Apple is so desperate to confine us in such a boundary. Mainly the security issues are the main cause. Apart from security, another mere reason is arbitrary and a result of a capricious mind. But, we user is so smart. We just find a way to install the banned applications. “Jailbreaking” just help us to reach those banned applications. These applications are mainly customized application used to improve the user’s interface.

Here is a simple process to Jailbreak your ios device( from ios 8 to 8.1)

1. Take the backup your ios device. To take the backup simply go to the setting page and open icloud for a complete backup of your device.
2. If your device is passcode locked then, disable it and put your ios device in an airplane mode.
3. In your Mac download and install “PanGu”.
This is the tool that, will help you in jailbreaking of your ios device.
4. Now, open PanGu and hit the start jailbreak option. Before you hitting the button, don’t forget to connect your device with Mac.
5. After the entire processes, your iPhone will reboot and jailbreak is successfully done.

In an Android smartphone:

As I told earlier that, you can jailbreak an ios device. But, you can apply the same privilege enhancing process in your Android device. “Rooting” is that procedure. There are many manufacturers are not provide to unlock their bootloader. But, companies like Google, Asus, HTC, Sony widely provide to unlock the device and change their existing operating system completely.
The complete interface of the device can be changed by “Rooting”. If you are a wise user then, you can fully operate the CPU and kernel. Even, you can access the full application like backup or restoration.
Though, there are various companies tried to make their manufactured Android smartphone un-rootable. But, the crack is always available in the market. You can achieve this by simple command prompt or by Android Debug Bridge.
So, this is the whole of jailbreaking. If you have any confusion then, let me know about it. I will solve it if possible. So, start upgrading your existing smartphone operating system. It is very much within your reach.

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