Windows speech recognition – a simple guide

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Today’s automation hardly asks for any of our physical intervention to execute almost anything on our smart devices. Windows has no plans to fall behind this furor of technology. Over the years, its team is trying to foster ways to operate windows without mouse and keyboard. Like google voice search, windows too boasts a fully fledged speech recognition feature by which you can make it dance with your voice commands.

Windows Speech Recognition is a truly powerful tool. Today, I will guide you to run windows speech recognition so that you can operate Windows without mouse and keyboard.

How to Open Speech Recognition in Windows 8.1

To open the Speech Recognition just open the Windows search program and type Speech Recognition. Select Speech Recognition from the list. There you will find the following options “Start Speech Recognition”, “Setup microphone”, “Take Speech Tutorial”, “Train your computer to better understand you” and “Open the Speech Reference Card”.

Although “Start Speech Recognition” stands at the top, it is better to open it at last. For a better performance, you should configure it properly. Therefore take a look at the various configuration options which are described below.


Setup your Microphone properly

In this case, a microphone is the only input device, so it should be configured properly. If you don’t configure your Microphone properly it produces a hazy sound which becomes difficult to understand for computer and that results in an improper output. For example if you call someone and place your phone far away that it seems you are talking to someone else or place it too near that your breathing sound distort your speech. So, placing your microphone plays a great role on the accuracy of Speech Recognition output. Follow the guideline of “Set up microphone” section to place your microphone properly.

Train your computer to understand you better

As all we know, we everyone has a unique voice and accent and speaking style, so it is difficult for the maker to make it understand every accent and voice. Therefore they provided this option to train your pc. In this option, you are given a set of sentences and you have to read it aloud. The software will record your voice and makes it a reference to your voice when you speak later. Thus the more you train your computer, the performance level of “Speech Recognition” increases.

Some Commands for Windows Speech Recognition

Windows is better known for its user-friendliness hence, these commands are. You can simply say “Start Listening” or “Stop Listening” to Start or Stop the Speech Recognition respectively. To open the Start menu say “Start” or “Start Menu”.

Launch any application using voice command

To open the application window from the desktop, at first say “Start” and then “Apps”. To scroll down say “Scroll Down”, to scroll up say “Scroll Up”, to scroll right say “Scroll Right”, to scroll left say “Scroll Left”. To open a specific application from this apps window say “Show Numbers” and you will see every application with its corresponding numbers. Just say that number and say “ok” to open the application. Once you open an app by this method, you don’t need to open the same procedure for the same app. You can open it directly by saying “Open ‘app name’ ”.

Switch, minimize and close any application

To switch application just say “Switch ‘app name’” or if you don’t know the application name say “Switch application” and a list will appear of all opened application with a corresponding number. Just say the “number”, following by the application and then say “ok”. To minimize any application say “Minimize that” and to close any application say “Close that”.

Toggle the Menus of any application

To toggle between various Menus say “Show Number” and every menu will be highlighted with a corresponding number. Speak that “Number” and then say “Ok” to get a click on that menu. You can also say “Click on ‘menu name’ ”.

Click anywhere on the screen

Some tasks can’t be performed by the above-mentioned commands. For example, you can’t click on a link inside a webpage or document with the above-mentioned commands. However, Windows let you perform this task quite efficiently through voice command. Say “Mouse Grid” and windows will show you a grid with 9 boxes with corresponding numbers, covering the entire screen. To select a region say the box number and that box will be selected. You will see that next box which is also divided into 9 smaller boxes with its corresponding number. Say that box number where you want your mouse pointer and then a next small box appears with 9 smaller boxes within it. This process continues until you say “Ok”. When you say “Ok”, the mouse pointer comes and clicks on that location.

This is a powerful feature of Windows. You can do almost all the tasks with the help of your voice commands. This method is quite helpful while you are working on an application and needed another one, just say “Open ‘application name’”, and the application will get opened instantly, you don’t need to launch it from the mess. However, I have discussed a basic idea of make it work with an array of some basic commands. There’s more to learn. So start the Voice Recognition and explore its amazing features.

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